2024 Low Buy Year First Draft

This is a first draft of my plans to pursue a low buy year for 2024.

I’ve already started to implement some of these from the beginning of September and throughout the coming months leading up to 2024 I will be reflecting and adjusting based on what I’ve noticed so far. That way I can start the year with a strong base.

A big chunk of these rules were inspired by Reddit user awrighter200 from the NoBuy subreddit who has been posting a wonderfully detailed writeup of every month of their challenge since the beginning of the year. Their first post is here for reference.

Reasons to do this challenge:


  1. Limited to 48 non-essential purchases for the year or 4 per month.

  2. Items must be decided on at least a month before purchase.

    1. As much as possible, try to find them secondhand before buying new.
  3. Books:

    1. Read 5 physical books/manga or 10 owned ebooks before buying one new copy of either.

    2. Use Libby as much as possible.

  4. Yarn and craft:

    1. Complete 3 projects with available supplies before buying new materials.
  5. Log all purchases in journal as well as my reason for buying.

  6. Log completed craft projects, used up items and finished books.

  7. Reflect at the end of the month on my thoughts and feelings about the challenge.

  8. Adjust as needed.

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